fully independent sync and music supervision agency based in montreal who aims to find the best music for the best projects

Our mandate is first and foremost to serve the projects we undertake by tailoring our approach to the talents we represent in a non-exclusive way.

We collaborate with brands, agencies, Filmmakers and creatives around the world to help fulfill their vision, to help find the right musical piece for the right image.

Marie-Laurence Asselin

Marie-Laurence Asselin founded Fair Enough in 2019, drawing on her experience gained within various music management and publishing companies, as well as in the role of an independent artist manager. Currently, she leverages her expertise to support the musical cultural industry through Fair Enough.

Since its creation, the company has expanded its range of services, encompassing music supervision, rights clearance, and composition for visual media. In tandem with her involvement with Fair Enough, Marie-Laurence actively participates in the Association Professionnelle des Éditeurs Musicaux as a member of the Audiovisual Committee. Additionally, alongside her partner Carmel Scurti-Belley, she conducts training sessions focused on synchronization.

Today, Fair Enough works both to advocate for existing catalogs and to foster the creation of music for visual media across various projects.

Carmel Scurti-Belley

Carmel Scurti-Belley has been involved in the music and cultural scene for over a decade. She worked for the Montreal International Documentary Film Festival before joining the team at Apollo studios as the coordinator of scoring & original music production. As a self-taught musician, she also had significant touring experience as a synth player and singer for bands such as Passwords, Secret Sun, Félix Dyotte, and Philippe B, performing concerts worldwide. From 2017 to 2021, she joined Dare To Care Publishing (now Bravo musique) as the head of creative & licensing. In September 2022, Carmel finally joined Fair Enough as a sync agent and music supervisor, fulfilling her long-standing desire to merge her passion for music and visual storytelling. She also recently got elected as an active board member of APEM.

Our Mission

Making song placement in audiovisual projects accessible by efficiently clearing rights, democratizing independent music, and ensuring to satisfy the creative vision of all involved parties

Marie-Laurence Asselin & Carmel Scurti-Belley