With 8 albums and several collaborations to her credit, Ariane Moffatt is an artist at the peak of her craft. Navigating between indie and mainstream, folk-pop and electro, she has successfully carved out her own path and enjoys appearing where one would least expect. Ariane’s first three albums achieved Platinum status in Quebec and were released in Europe, with the first on the EMI/Virgin label and the others on Sony Columbia.

With her skillful blend of electro-folk, jazz, and pop, all of Ariane Moffat’s albums have received numerous awards in Quebec and Canada, including the Juno Award for the Best Francophone Album of the Year in 2009. Since the beginning of her impressive career, her name has become inseparable from contemporary Francophone music. An evocative songwriter, versatile musician, activist, and full-time mom, Ariane Moffatt remains one of the most prominent, creative, and cherished figures in the Quebec cultural landscape.