Founded in 2020, Bye Parula is the encounter of Sergio d’Isanto, Neapolitan by origin, Sebastien Riquelme, Chilean by origin, and Loïc Calatayud, Catalan by origin, in the heart of Montreal’s effervescence. After 3 days in the studio, the band came out with a 4 track demo, which they sent to Robbie Kuster (Patrick Watson, Black Legary, Gros Mené). Robbie loves what he hears and suggests to the three musicians to make their first album. They met at Mixart studio, accompanied by Warren Spicer (Plants & Animals, Unessential Oils) for the recording and mixing, Aurélien Tomasi for the brass arrangements and Mélanie Bélair for the string arrangements.

Influenced by the film music of the 60s and 70s as well as modern indie, their progressive pop oscillates between raw simplicity and polished orchestration. On stage, it’s a chorus of five voices, guitars, bass, keyboards and drums that come together to offer beautiful arrangements and rich vocal harmonies. They presented a first concert at the Verre Bouteille in December 2021, then at the Quai des Brumes in summer 2022. In September, they were called by Ian McCullogh, singer of Echo & The Bunnymen, to open for the band in Montreal at the Corona Theatre.
Bye Parula’s first album “I” was released in February 2023.