Hologramme is the stage name of Canadian musician, producer and composer Clément Leduc. In 2018, Clément embarked on an inspirational excursion to electronic music’s creative capital, Berlin, where he committed himself to the studio, emerging as Hologramme with his debut album Felicity in hand. Defined by a constant search for love in things, his music translates into unique dreamlike and cinematic soundscapes using warm synths, intricate textures and deep basslines. Hologramme’s collaboration with visual geniuses Baillat Studio made a huge impression in 2020 with the release of two music videos for his two singles, Alaska and Préface. Cinematic, Hologramme’s music is also showcased in several feature films, independent films and advertising campaigns around the world (Do Butterflies Remember Being Caterpillars, Jockey). Rewarded with several prizes, the visual projects on which he worked also influenced his parallel career in music composing in which he works remotely from Montreal.

Always in search of creative sharing, Hologramme’s work demonstrates his ability to surround himself with artists who need no introduction. Remixed by artists such as Lunice, Fakear or Ouri his music also includes collaborations from Geoffroy, Dominique Fils-Aimé and Les Louanges. With CIEL, A retrospective on the mourning of his late grandfather, Hologramme demonstrated his ability to produce for a variety of genres and artists. Founder of Société Holographique de Montréal, his own record company and art commissioner, Clément also produces music for artists in his community while creating art exhibitions and events in his city.

After working for a year on what he considers his finest work, Hologramme is finally back to release the first single of his upcoming album. Candide is a high energy, luminous and fierce track reflecting the artist’s newly acquired taste for nightclubs and dance floors. With this release, you can definitely feel Hologramme’s influences such as Bonobo or Jamie XX while also feeling all the fun and disinhibition in which he’s delivering us his new sound. His next album is scheduled for fall 2023.