Remaining versatile and endlessly creative for nearly a decade, Operator Music Band has created a unique catalogue of releases that spans several genres: from creamy lounge to pulsating dance to angular post-punk to ethereal minimalism.

OMB centers around the collaboration between Dara Hirsch and Jared Hiller with a rotating group of accompanying members. Hirsch, a composer, producer, DJ and podcast audio engineer brings an eclectic sophistication to the project while Hiller, a designer of electronic instruments, offers an unpredictably novel approach to tones and textures. They are currently joined by drummer and percussionist, Daniel Silas.

Their stylistic journey ultimately culminated in the release of their second LP, Duo Duo, in late 2019. With performances paused in 2020, OMB began a process of reimagining their sound, methods and artistic intentions and plan to return with new material that will continue their radical, genre-defying experimentation.